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Frequently Asked Questions For Advertisers


Is this a legit business?

Yes! DYF Giveaways are a part of the DressYourFace LLC, a registered tax-paying corporation, and all campaigns are carefully created and managed in partnership with the A. Allen Group, a PR and consulting company based in Los Angeles that has successfully executed almost 200 past campaigns in various media outlets.


I am a blogger/have a business, how do I get involved?

Please email us ( or submit a message in the contact section of our home page. You will soon receive an email containing more information about how to be involved in future campaigns. 


Can I pay via credit card?

We are currently accepting PayPal. 


What next?

Once you have decided to go ahead we will email you an Invoice for payment along with important details, including our Advertiser Agreement.


What kind of results do your campaigns deliver?

Our campaigns are a form of online advertising and an effective and proven way to genuinely grow your online presence with real followers.

It is impossible for anyone to say for certain how many followers to expect from a campaign. However, all our case studies are based on actual gains from previous campaigns but they are provided as a guide only and should not be relied upon as a guarantee of the outcome of this campaign. 

We encourage you to conduct your own due diligence inquires as to whether this campaign is suitable for you, including but not limited to ensuring that the follower demographic aligns with your target market.

We consistently strive to over deliver!


If I am a brand, how can I get my product as a part of the giveaway?

Currently we are focusing on cash giveaways and/or luxury items only. Your buy-in goes towards the grand cash prize and any other luxury add-ons and bonuses throughout the campaign. 


How is the winner selected?

We conduct a random draw of all eligible entrants.

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